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run 4 teran

Run Eat Drink Istria

Roman architecture in Pula - www.krug-travel.com

Private Walking Tour

Dreamy Grožnjan

Istria Custom Tour

Istrian dried-grape wine

Istrian noTourist Wine Tour

Istrian Brunch

Tastes of Istria Tour

Tours in Istria

Northern Istria Highlights (Full Day)

A picture of Austrian Villas in Opatija. Very nice!

OPATIJA WALKING TOURThe Monaco of the 19th Century

A picture of fine wine sliding into a clear glass. Mmmm...!

Opatija Wine & WalkHistorical walk and 6 different istrian wines

Walk on wooden paths

National Park Plitvice Lakes (Full Day)

A picture of happy goats in the shelter. Book an unforgettable organic cheese tasting in Istria at www.krug-travel.com

Primitivo Cheese Tasting (Half day)

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Istria as the best olive oil region in the world 2016 and 2017

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Istria among 10 best european wine destinations 2016

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Istria among 10 best wine travel destinations 2015

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Istria as the world's 2nd best olive oil region 2010 - 2015

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Istria as Top 10 Valentine's Day Retreats 2014

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Istria among the best Wine Regions for Winter and Spring Travel 2014

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Primitivo Cheese Tasting (Half day)

Primitivo Cheese Tasting (Half day)