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noTourist Wine Tasting
To be honest with you, we mind the “most-famous” and “biggest” wineries. We like the small boutique wineries, somewhere behind an Istrian chapel or on a lush terrace. Undoubtedly, you will try local grapes like Malvazija and Teran. You’ll get the fresh and young wines as well as the complex and aged ones. Snacks are homemade. Cheers!

4 Wines with snacks – 150kn (20€) per person
5 Wines with snacks – 185kn (25€) per person
6 wines with snacks – 220kn (30€) per person

Olive Oil Tasting “Fruits & Pastry”
Roman Emperors drank Istrian olive oil produced in the “golden triangle region” between Poreč, Pula, and Vodnjan. We are talking about olive oil making traditions that are more than 2000 years old. Our recommendation is pairing olive oil with fruits and sweet pastry. Let your palate have a tasty party!

3 oils with snacks – 150kn (20€) per person
3 oils with fruits and pastry – 185kn (25€) per person

Artisan Cheese & Organic Farm
A former successful real estate lawyer from Ljubljana (Slovenia) asked his wife to sell everything in Slovenia and to buy 250 goats in Istria. Now, they produce one of the best artisan cheese in the region. Visit their farm, their cheese production and eat deliciously prepared food. This place is real Istria!

Istrian Brunch Incl. cheese tasting and wine – 220kn (30€) per person
Lunch Feast incl. cheese tasting and wine – 330kn (45€) per person

Truffle Hunting & 3-Course Lunch
How lucky the Istrians are! The most expensive mushroom in the world grows literally in their backyard. Join a truffle hunter and his dog and learn about this unique experience somewhere in the forests of Istria. 3-course truffle lunch with wine included.

Truffle Hunting with lunch – 500kn (68€) per person

Istrian Oyster Shack
The owner of this place dedicated his life to shellfish. He talks about Oysters like about babies. Nobody in Istria loves Oysters (and other muscles) like him. Step on his floating Shack and join him for a glass of wine and a few unique Adriatic stories from the Lim Canal.

“Out-of-the-water” Selection with fresh muscles (also Oysters) and a glass of wine – 220kn (30€) per person

Truffle Lunch at Organic Wine Farm
This lunch includes two kinds of pasta served on different plates. One is homemade pasta with truffles prepared in a white cream cheese sauce. The other plate is full of the best ravioli in the world stuffed with warm cheese and sage. Sip some chilled and pearly wine on a terrace overlooking the Motovun Forest and surrounding hills. Salad, coffee/tea, and a welcome drink are included, too. Enjoy Istria at its best!

2-course lunch incl. wine – 220kn (30€) per person

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Private or VIP Custom Tour


Private or VIP Custom Tour