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Istrian Wine Express (Half Day)


Join a fun and laid-back wine tour in a small group. Enjoy the service of a personal driver and visit 3 authentic Istrian wineries. At each winery, you will get three wines with finger food. Dive into the exciting Istrian wine culture and try also the popular local grapes called Malvazija and Teran. If you want to taste more you can upgrade your tasting at each winery. Lift your glasses and Živjeli! Don’t worry, we teach you how to pronounce that.


Dive into the exciting Istrian wine scene and mingle with like-minded travellers
You enjoy and we drive 🙂
Visit authentic Istrian wineries

15.04. until 31.10.

Pula, Bale, Rovinj

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday


14:00 Pick-up
15:30-16:30 Matoševič Winery
16:45-17:45 San Tommaso Relais and Winery
18:00-19:00 Stancija Collis Winery
19:00-20:00 Drop-off at Pick-up Point

Krug Travel Pick-Up Point (Bus Station Verudela)
Amphitheatre Main Entrance (Pula Arena)
Hotel Valsabbion
Hotel Oasi
Ribarska Koliba Resort
Park Plaza Arena
Park Plaza Verudela
Park Plaza Histria

Hotel La Grisa
La Musa Square

Old Town Roundabout (Obala Palih Boraca 15, Rovinj)
Rovinj Bus Station (Trg na Lokvi 6, Rovinj)
Hotel Eden
Hotel Monte Mulini
Hotel Lone
Hotel Arupinum

*Pick-up and drop-off times can vary up to 15 minutes. Choose your pick-up point from the list or let us know where to pick you up during the booking process.


510kn (69€) per person
(18+ years only)

Min. 2 and max. 8 persons per tour.

Price includes: Comfortable transport, personal driver, visit 3 wineries, taste at least 9 wines incl. finger food



The Wineries

Ivica Matošević Winery

Matošević Winery


Ivica Matošević is one of the Godfathers of the Croatian Wine Scene. He’s a Cosmopolitan Wine Promoter. In 2017, together with another Croatian Godfather called Vlado Krauthaker, he presented 1200 bottles of Croatian wines at the Epicurean Star Award in Singapore. He thinks it’s boring to grow Chardonnay and Merlot like everybody else in the world. In his opinion, Istria has the potential to grow world-class wines and his wines are the proof. Besides, he produced the First Istrian Port Wine called the “Iron Witch” dedicated to his Marathon-running wife.

San Tommaso Relais and Winery

San Tommaso Relais and Winery


When you google “Relais” it is hard to get a proper description of what this word really means. One explanation that seems more reasonable than others would be “a station where horses are changed during a long journey”. Istria is full of idle stone house estates that must have been looked amazing in their golden times and which received all sorts of travellers with the most different travel motifs and of all background. The Debeljuh Family renovated such a Relais into a modern and very elegant one. And what a coincidence! They actually produce great wine. Seems like a winning combination. Come and see for yourself!


Stancija Collis Winery


“Štancija” is the Istrian version of a Spanish “Hacienda” and “Collis” is derived from the Italian word “La Collina” which means “hill”. Stancija Collis was built on the most panoramic hill around Rovinj area. A constant slight breeze is felt on the terrace and the sea is just a stone’s throw away. The estate is surrounded by beautiful and healthy animals that are taken care of by the family Mastilović: Istrian and Dalmatian donkeys, Istrian cows, goats, dogs, cats, etc. Juraj, one of the youngest winemakers in Istria, believes in the organic winemaking style. No artificial additives, organic farming, and honest Istrian wines “just like my grandfather did them”, Juraj likes to say. Prepare for a different, stronger taste.


Hail to the Grape!
Hail to the Grape!
Stancija Collis Istrian Winery
Stancija Collis Istrian Winery
Istria Olive Oil Stancija Collis
Istrian Farm Stancija Collis
Istrian Farm Stancija Collis
Matosevic Istrian Winery
Matosevic Istrian Winery
San Tommaso Istrian Winery
San Tommaso Istrian Winery
San Tomasso Istria Wine Cellar
San Tomasso Istria Wine Cellar
Istrian Relais San Tommaso
Istrian Relais San Tommaso
Istrian Terroir
Wine Grapes Istria
Wine Grapes Istria
The Archives at Matosevic
The Archives at Matosevic
Lim Canal near Rovinj
Lim Canal near Rovinj

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Istrian Wine Express (Half Day)


Istrian Wine Express (Half Day)