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“Croatian Destination Specialist 2017” by Luxury Travel Guide, United Kingdom

Igor&Maja from Ljubljana, Slovenia reviewed on 13/08/2016

Marko je res fantastičen v vsakem pogledu, odličen in varen voznik, pol zanimivih informacija, zelo zabaven in vesel turistični vodnik.

Komi čakamo naslednje potovanje z njim.

Igor&Maja describes Krug Travel as Fantastično

Maja from Ljubljana, Slovenia reviewed on 20/07/2016

Krug travel was the best fun ever!

Maja describes Krug Travel as Beautiful

Gillesb from Paris, France reviewed on 14/09/2016

Thanks to Krug Travel, we discovered Slovenia and her wonderful capital Ljubljana.

Atmosphere with Krug Travel staff is always kind, comments during the trip are the proof of their knowledge. Thanks Marko.

Gillesb describes Krug Travel as

Gilles B from Paris, France reviewed on 09/09/2016

Krug Travel is efficient and staff is kind. It has been a true pleasure to spend a day with Marko on a trip to Lipica from Opatija. You need a proof ? I booked another trip with this agency few hours I returned to my hotel.

Gilles B describes Krug Travel as High value

Roberto & Vanna from Torino, Italy reviewed on 02/09/2016

Nell'ultima settimana di agosto 2016 il caso ci ha fatto incontrare Marco e con lui abbiamo fatto una bellissima esperienza di viaggio, in modo particolare in Istria, alle grotte di Postumia, a Lubiana.

Marco, oltre a essere disponibile e puntuale, è anche molto preparato, conosce molto bene i luoghi in cui ci ha portato. E' quindi una ottima guida, competente e disponibile anche a variazioni dell'ultima ora.

Ci siamo trovati proprio bene e consigliamo a chi vuol fare dei tour anche giornalieri con poche persone o addirittura personalizzati di rivolgersi a lui.

Conosce l'inglese e il tedesco molto bene.

Roberto & Vanna describes Krug Travel as COMPETENT

Sandy G from Los Angeles, CA, USA reviewed on 27/08/2016

Marco was our trip leader when he worked for another company. Marco was informative, entertaining and he made the trip memorable.

You won't regret being on one of his tours. He pulled together a wonderful trip to Trieste, which was not on our itinerary. We will happily recommend Marco to anyone traveling to Istria. So happy for you Marco, good move.

Sandy G describes Krug Travel as

Liz Hotchkin from Corte Madera, CA, USA reviewed on 25/08/2016

Marko was our tour leader on an OAT tour of Croatia, Montenegro, Slovakia, and Bosnia-Herzogovina. It was a wonderful trip, despite temperatures of over 100 degrees many days! I really enjoyed Marko. He was energetic, attentive and accommodated everyone's interests really well. He was also very knowledgeable about the former Yugoslavia countries and the region's history.

You will be very happy to be on a trip with Marko!

Liz Hotchkin describes Krug Travel as Enlightening

Joeslyn from Hong Kong reviewed on 20/08/2016

We are lucky can be in a private excursion tour with Marko to Plitvice. He is a funny guy and very nice to be with him to see this beautiful national park -16 lakes with different green , turkey blue colour lakes & waterfalls. With the wifi on bus is excellent.

Guys you need to be careful with Marko because he could learn your native language pretty fast, even chinese. He really got the talent.
We have great fun with him for a whole day ^^

Wish to join his private tour again next time when we visit Croatia & area around.

Cheers from Hong Kong

Joeslyn describes Krug Travel as Excellent

Bowin from Zurich, Schweiz reviewed on 20/08/2016

Zuerst will ich einmal unseren Reisefuehrer Marko ganz herzlich fuer diese erlebnissreiche Tour danken.
Es war einer meiner schoensten, lustigsten und interesantesten Touren auf denen ich je war.
Marko ist ein sehr netter und offener Reisefuehrer mit einem lustigen Humor, welchen jung und alt sehr unterhaltsam finden.
Er ist auch bestens vorbereitet, weiss sehr viele Tipps fuer Einkaufe und weiteres.

Ihn wuerde ich ohne Zweifel weiterempfehlen
und ich freue mich schon auf das naechstes mal! :)

Bowin describes Krug Travel as

Peter from Taipei, Taiwan reviewed on 20/08/2016

Hi Marko, 謝謝你 ! 十六湖公園太棒了。車上的行動WiFi也夠快 !
一個不一樣的響導,給你100個讚 !!!

Peter describes Krug Travel as 讚讚讚 !!!

YokoKuno from Boston, MA, United States reviewed on 19/08/2016

Although I haven't used Krug Travel, I had Marko Flego as a trip leader. I was very happy to lean that he started his own travel company with his friends.

He was an excellent trip leader, very considerate and attentive, and we had a lot of fun. I have traveled all over the world and think Croatia is one of the best countries to visit.

The next time I go there, I will definitely use his company.

YokoKuno describes Krug Travel as

Pat McCleary from Shenandoah, TX, United States reviewed on 18/08/2016

In May, 2015, my husband and I were in Croatia on an OAT trip--obviously before Marko began Krug Travel. He was a wonderful guide. His knowledge of the area was outstanding.

We traveled to Dubrovnik, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina and the National Park, Plitvice Lakes. We went to markets and sampled the food; and on his night off he asked if we would like for him to select a restaurant and order for us a variety of dishes to sample (we paid).

I would love to travel with Marko again. He was fun, young, and had a lot of energy.

Pat McCleary describes Krug Travel as

Yvonne Cappello from New York, NY, United States reviewed on 14/08/2016

Marco was a terrific guide. His knowledge of the people, culture, history and political climate added to the experience of the locations we visited. He was engaging and fun. I highly recommend him.

Yvonne Cappello describes Krug Travel as Informative

Florian from Heidelberg, Germany reviewed on 27/07/2016

First of all I want to thank our guide Marko! We had such an entertaining and insightful day in Croatia with him :-)

Booking good day tours is sometimes difficult, therefore it was refreshing to see that somebody actually delivers what's promised on the website "action, gourmet and mystery" - that's really what our "Istria for everybody (Deluxe)" package was all about.

Thanks again for the authentic and friendly insights into the culture and region. We will come again!

Florian describes Krug Travel as Authentic

James from Bristol, United Kingdom reviewed on 24/07/2016

Had a 2 day ride with Marco, and must say the guy is awesome. Not only does he know a lot, but he can tell you in such an enthusiastic energetic way! He created a great group atmosphere in his comfortable (and thankfully air conditioned van, it was a scorcher of a day) van and the travel between places was part of the fun! he even supplied us with wifi so all the nerds that have social network anxiety could get there fix!

Everything was taken care of and went so super smooth you only had time to enjoy beautiful Croatia. Talking about everything with marco was fun and interesting, and i will be sure to meet up with him again next time im in croatia.

Top dude!

James describes Krug Travel as Funthusiasm

Ina und Sven from Bielefeld, Germany reviewed on 28/07/2016

We did the "Istra Tour Deluxe" with Krug Travel.

Marko was our Tourguide. He is very professional and a sympathetic person who has shown us very beautiful places of Istra: From the spectacular Zipline over the truffel and wine tasting to the relaxing time in Hum.

And the best of the tour is the flexibility of the arrangement! You could define the action to your own interests.

When we will come back to Istra, we are sure to book furthermore Tours with Krug Travel!

Ina und Sven describes Krug Travel as Amazing!

Ronny und Monika from Kaiserpfalz, Germany reviewed on 07/08/2016

Es war ein sehr entspannter,schöner und erlebnisreicher Tag mit Marco, zumal er nur für uns zur Verfügung stand und seine aufgeschlossene und lustige Art

sehr angenehm waren.

Die Individualität der gezeigten Sehenswürdigkeiten haben uns sehr gefallen.

Eine Tour mit Krug Travel ist sehr zu empfehlen.

Ronny und Monika describes Krug Travel as

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