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krug travel


The Grubić Family produces beautiful olive oils of world-class quality. They own and take care of olive groves that are more than 400 years old. That great experience and wisdom reflect in their oils. Also, they pair them with pastry, fruits (from their garden) and ice cream. You haven’t tried that combination? Join this tasting and widen the horizon of your palate!


This experience includes a guided tasting (educative), 3 finest olive oils (premium quality), homegrown fruits and homemade pastry (paired with the oils), water, visit of the “vintage” and the “high-tech” olive mill. This experience is filling like a light brunch. Duration: ca. 90 minutes.

Make it a Trip

First, you visit a winery then this amazing olive oil mill and Voila! You’ve just created a fantastic day trip for you and your family or friends. Send us a request to info@krug-travel.com or click the green button.